Polytechnic FC Players Charter – Selection Guidelines

1. The general principle is that all Polytechnic players are available for selection by any team captain. You are a club player first and a team player second. All players will be given an equal opportunity to play at the highest level.

2. Annual subscriptions are to be paid by the date shown on the subs page. After that period the subscription will increase by £10. In addition no captain will be able to field a player on or after this date unless their subscription has been paid in full.

3. Where a member has played 3 times from the start of the season, then annual subscriptions will be levied prior to them starting their next game.

4. Players are to respond to their captains requests for availability in a timely fashion. Requests for availability should be sent by the respective captains on a Monday.

5. Team captains should endeavour to e-mail their preliminary team (squad up to 14) selection to the captain of the team immediately above and below by no later than 5pm on each Wednesday.

6. Any player who is released or promoted should play at least an hour of the next match played by his new team, unless he is unavailable.

7. If a captain requires a player from a lower side he should first make contact with that player’s team captain, i.e. the team he last played for and request the full support of the captain. Both captains are obliged to let the player know that he will be playing for another team.

8. Where players are to be made available to the team below they should be notified by their captain wherever possible (telephone, email or text) ahead of their selection.

9. Final team selections should be e-mailed to the team members and Chairman of Selectors (Laurence Spear) by 5pm on Thursdays. The period between Tuesday and Thursday should allow discussions with relative captains to ensure that each team has sufficient players.

10. In accordance with the club constitution no changes can be imposed on a lower side after 9pm on Thursday unless by mutual agreement between the respective captains and the players involved.

11. Common sense and fairness should be applied in all discussions between team captains and any disputes should be resolved between them. Where arbitration is required, any outstanding selection issues will be resolved by the Chairman of Selectors, with escalation to the Management Committee. Where necessary the players will be consulted and the outcome will be communicated to all parties.