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Quintin Hogg : Arthur Kinnaird

1875       Formed as Hanover FC
1879       First competed in FA Cup
188         Moved to Regent St premises
188         Changed name to Poly
1893       Beat professional club Luton Town
1903       Quintin Hogg dies
1906       Move to Chiswick
1908      Joined Olympian League
1911        Joined Spartan League
                Kynaston Studd appointed president
1912       First trophy (Territorial Army Cup)
1923       Poly represented in England amateur team
1929       Colours changed from white to green and red
1938       Chiswick Stadium completed
1942       Eddie Galvin appointed club secretary
1946       Quintin Hogg (son appointed president)
1951       Last competed in FA Cup
1952       Bernard Studd appointed president
1954       Left Spartan League, joined SAL
1970       Last competed in FA Amateur Cup
                Regent St Polytechnic becomes Poly of Central London: Trustees take over Chiswick
1976       Les Parsons named chairman
1992       Eddie Galvin completes 50 years as club secretary
                PCL becomes University of Westminster
2001      Les Parsons dies
2001      John Keane appointed chairman
2008      Sean Harney appointed chairman
2012      Barry Madigan appointed chairman