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Club History

For a full and complete history of the Polytechnic club, including all sports and eras, click here. Below is a short overview of the football club:

The club was originally formed in 1875 as the Hanover Football Club by the philanthropist Quintin Hogg (1845-1903).  It played on Primrose Hill and on the neighbouring pitch played the team which later developed into Tottenham Hotspur FC.  Hogg was convinced of the health-giving and character-building qualities derived from organised sport, and was himself a keen footballer. He saw sport as an integral part of the work of his foundation, the Youths’ Christian Institute, and its successors the Young Men’s Christian Institute and Polytechnic Institute, later Regent Street Polytechnic.

Both Hogg and his friend Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird (1847-1923, 11th Baron Kinnaird) played for the Hanover Football Club.  Kinnaird was a famous gentleman footballer and President of the Football Association in the 1890s and early 1900s who, with Hogg, organised the first unofficial England – Scotland international matches.  The two had played together at Eton at a period when the game, until then limited to public schools playing to their own rules, was first being organised.  On leaving school, both continued to play for the Wanderers, a team of public school old boys which won five of the first seven FA Cup finals.  Kinnaird in fact played in nine cup finals with Old Etonians and Wanderers the most appearances of any player.  Kinnaird was involved with Hogg’s charitable foundations and retained his connection with their football teams.  Hogg’s Institute encompassed members who were not students, but were involved in its other activities.

Following the removal of Hogg’s foundation to premises in Regent Street, formerly home of the Royal Polytechnic Institution, in 1882, the club became the Polytechnic Football Club.  It had grounds in Barnes and Wimbledon but in 1906 moved to the Polytechnic’s Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground at Chiswick.

The club joined the Spartan League, one of the original London amateur leagues, in 1911 finishing 10th in their first season.  The League has since merged with the South Midlands League, in 1997, forming the Spartan South Midlands League which is at Step 5 in the Football Association National League Pyramid. In 1952 the Club were promoted from the 1st Division to the Premier Division but went straight back down, playing one more season in the Spartan League until 1954 when it joined the Southern Amateur League.

Clubman of the Year (Eddie Galvin Award)

Season Winner
2009-10 Keith Johnston
2008-09 Terry Buckland
2007-08 John Pybus
2006-07 Terry Hillier

Ben Gibbes

Stewart Dandridge Award For Sportsmanship and Endeavour

Season Winner
2006-07 1st Team
2005-06 6th Team
2004-05 7th Team

Player of the Year

Team Player
1 Mark Cringle
2 Graham Burke
3 Jon Symcox
4 Mohammed Bouissa
5 Gareth Soanes
6 Artur Sidlo
7 Michael Phillips
8 Tom Hemming
9 Rob Holmes Reed
Strollers Nigel Ashlin
Vets Wayland Pope
Team Player
1 Nick Brandford
2 Alan Bailey
3 Lloyd Williams
4 Gareth Williams
5 Darren Simpson
6 Artur Sidlo
7 Jaroslav Horak
8 Deniz Hilmi
9 Ryan Lamb
Strollers Kevin O’Brien
Vets Wayland Pope

Team Player
1 Keith Hodgson
2 Rob Metcalfe 
3 Dan Busman
4 Jack Wallis
5 Bojan Jelovac
6 Simon Swain
7 Mike Nevin
8 Ed Wadge
9 George Hewitt
Strollers Kevin O’Brien
Vets Horace McDonald


Team Player
1 John Carroll
2 Stefan Tarlowski
3 Tony Hickson
4 Colin White
5 Simon Brown
6 Jean-Baptiste Gaudin
7 Alan McDermott
8 Mike Cardinal
9 Kevin O’Brien
Strollers Dave Pierce
Vets Horace McDonald

Team Player
1 Jeremy Seales
2 Cory Adshead
3 Greg Oxford
4 Gerry Bona
5 Wayne Howarth
6 Simon Swain
7 John Sutch
8 Jerome Yewdall
9 Mark Zadoroznyj
Strollers Beppe Cocciolo
Vets Steve O’Hara

Team Player
1 James Hobbes
2 Gary Webb
3 Dion Rowntree
4 Will Sykes
5 James Barringer
6 Aubrey St Louis
7 Zarko Joveljic
8 Peter Gibbons
9 Mark Coleman
Strollers John Wickins