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Sat 8th March – Round up

The 6’s won the first piece of silverware for the Club this season. They ground out a 2-1 win in strange circumstances over Old Parmiterians 6’s in the AFA Intermediate Novets Cup final.

Max Rushden put the lads in front early on after an assist from Rich Craig. There were then plenty of opportunities to put the game to bed, however the ball wouldn’t bounce right for Max, Lee Bolton and Dave Morgan in subsequent attacks.

An outrageous equaliser from Parms and then a winning goal by Lee was enough for the scoresheet, but a stout defensive display from all 14 involved on the day ensured that the Cup came back to Cavendish Road.


Elsewhere there was a mixed bag of results across the club along with the 4’s and 8’s being involved in double headers.

Sat 8th Mar results & scorers:

Polytechnic v Old Salesians (L) – 4-2
Lofty 3, Raji

Old Parkonians Res v Polytechnic Res (L) – 1-0

West Wickham 3rd v Polytechnic 3rd (L) – 0-0

Winchmore Hill 4th v Polytechnic 4th (L) – 1-0

Polytechnic 5th v HSBC 4th (L) – 1-1

HSBC 4th v Polytechnic 5th (L) – 4-0

Polytechnic 6th v Old Parmiterians 6th (AFA) – 2-1
Rushden, Bolton

Polytechnic 7th – postponed

Old Salesians 5th v Polytechnic 8th (L) – 4-0

Polytechnic 8th v Old Salesians 5th (L) – 1-0

Polytechnic 9th v Lloyds 4th (L) – 2-1
Colley, Baker

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Catching up

Well the new years resolution of keeping this up to date fell away! We’re blaming the weather….

Here’s a run down of the action that has taken place since the wash out of Feb 8th.

15th Feb – Valentines weekend massacre, all games washed out.

22nd Feb – Hooray! Sunshine and football!

Polytechnic v Winchmore Hill (MEC) – 2-3 (Harrison 2)
Polytechnic Res v Winchmore Hill Res (MEC) – 1-2 (Goalscorer tbc)
Old Owens 3rd v Polytechnic 3rd (L) – 2-1 (Manners)
Polytechnic 4th v Alexandra Park 4th (AFA) – 1-0 (Villegas)
HSBC 4th v Polytechnic 5th (L) – postponed
Old Actonians Association 6th v Polytechnic 6th (AFA) – 2-3 (OG, C.Byrne, Bolton)
Polytechnic 7th v West Wickham 6th (L) – 2-1 (El Bakali 2)
Old Westminster Citizens 5th v Polytechnic 8th (L) – 1-2 (Foster)
Lloyds AFC 4th v Polytechnic 9th (L) – 0-3 (Barker 2, Colley)

Sat 1st Mar – Mixed weather fortunes..

Old Parkonians v Polytechnic (L) – 1-0
Polytechnic Res v Nottsborough Res (L) – 1-3 (Hitchcock)
Polytechnic 3rd v Alleyn Old Boys 3rd (L) – 1-1 (Jeffries)
Alleyn Old Boys 3rd v Polytechnic 3rd (L) – 0-3 (Kibler-Melby 3)
Civil Service 4th v Polytechnic 4th (AFA) – 8-0
Polytechnic 5th v Civil Service 5th (L) – 1-4 (Warburton)
Carshalton 4th v Polytechnic 6th (AFA) – postponed
Ibis 4th v Polytechnic 7th (L) – postponed
Lloyds AFC 4th v Polytechnic 8th (L) – postponed
Polytechnic 8th v Lloyds AFC 4th (L) – postponed
Polytechnic 9th v Civil Service 7th (L) – 2-1 (Lapierre, Borja)

The Les Parsons Goalscorers charts have been updated accordingly. It’s tight at the top! Cort still leads, but the chasing pack are gaining on him. Can he retain his crown…

So we roll on.. Fixtures for the 8th March:

1st: Home vs Old Salesians – League – 15:00
2nd: Away vs Old Parkonians Res – League – 15:00
3rd: Away vs West Wickham 3rd – League – 15:00
4th: Away vs Winchmore Hill 4th – League – 15:00
5th: Home vs HSBC 4th* – League – 14:00 – Double Header
6th: Home vs Old Parmetarians 6th – AFA Cup Final – 15:00
7th: Home vs South Bank Cuaco 6th* – League – 14:00 – Double Header
8th: Away vs Old Salesians 5th* – 14:00 – Double Header
9th: Home vs Lloyds AFC 4th – League – 13:00
Sat Vets: TBC
Sun Vets: Away vs Nottsborough – 15:00
Strollers: Away vs MMB VETS – 15:00
London Welsh: Home vs Old Pegasonians – 15:00

Good luck to all!


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All matches postponed!!!

Another weekend of rain washes out all Fixtures…

Better luck next week lads.

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Results 1st Feb 2014

Not good…

The 6’s fell to a come from behind defeat at the hands of the BB Eagles 4th team.

Tough conditions definitely had a ‘hand’ in the Eagles victory.

BB Eagles 4s 2-1 Polytechnic FC 6s
Oli Bajusz with the goal.

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Results 25th Jan 2014

Old Parkonians v Polytechnic (L) – postponed

Polytechnic Res v Royal Bank of Scotland Res (AFA) – 1-2

Polytechnic 3rd v BB Eagles 3rd (L) – 1-2

Polytechnic 4th – no game

BB Eagles 4th v Polytechnic 5th (L) – 4-2
Dunn, Warburton

Polytechnic 6th v Civil Service 5th (L) – postponed

Old Salesians 4th v Polytechnic 7th (INC) – 2-1
El Bakali

BB Eagles 5th v Polytechnic 8th (L) – 2-1

Civil Service 7th v Polytechnic 9th (L) – 3-1

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Results 30th Nov 2013

Polytechnic v Old Garchonians (MEC) – 3-2
Smith, Cree, Lofty

Polytechnic Res v Broomfield Res (MEC) – 5-3
Barbour 2, Bush, Ward, Raynes

Old Westminster Citizens 3rd v Polytechnic 3rd (L) – 4-2
Muir, Gullett

Civil Service 4th v Polytechnic 4th (L) – 5-1

Polytechnic 5th v Bank of England 5th (AFA) – 1-8

Carshalton 5th v Polytechnic 6th (L) – 2-7
Tavares 2, Rushden 2, Bajusz 2, Graham

Polytechnic 7th v HSBC 7th – 3-4
El Bakali 2, Grice

Bank of England 4th v Polytechnic 8th (L) – 3-1

Polytechnic 9th – no game

Saturday Vets 2 (Adim 2) vs Sunday Vets 3 (King, Craig, Meere)

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Results: 9th Nov 2013

Alexandra Park v Polytechnic – postponed

Polytechnic Res v Civil Service Res – 1-2

Old Owens 3rd v Polytechnic 3rd – postponed

Polytechnic 4th v Reigatians 4th (AFA) – 12-3
Baker 6, Sponiar 2, Kielb 2, Reynolds, Pinn

Old Actonians Association 5th v Polytechnic 5th – 4-2

Polytechnic 6th v Carshalton 4th – 2-1
Jolliffe, Tavares

Polytechnic 7th v BB Eagles 5th (INC) – 3-2
Bakali, Foster, Grice

Old Wilsonians 7th v Polytechnic 8th – 1-7
Foster 3, Chicarro, Holes-Reed, Holmes, Obierne

Polytechnic 9th – no game

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Results 2nd Nov

Polytechnic v Old Edmontonians (MEC) – 9-1
Lofty 5, Raji 2, Mcinerney, Janeck

Nottsborough Res v Polytechnic Res (L) – 1-2

Polytechnic 3rd v Bank of England 3rd (JrC) – 4-1
Kibler-Melby 2, Ebanks, Jackson

West Wickham 4th v Polytechnic 4th (L) – 3-0

Polytechnic 5th v Old Ignatians 5th (AFA) – 4-0
Phillips 3, Gibson 1

Polytechnic 6th v Crouch End Vampires 4th (MrC) – 5-3
Tavares 2, Bolton 2, Massey

Old Wilsonians 6th v Polytechnic 7th (L) – 3-5
Anderson 3, Hedditch, Colson

Polytechnic 8th – no game

Old Wilsonians 7th v Polytechnic 9th (L) – 6-3
Moran 2, Kralovsky

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Sat 26th Oct results & scorers:

Alleyn Old Boys v Polytechnic (L) – 0-0

Polytechnic Res v Old Haberdashers (AFA) – 4-0

Polytechnic 3rd v Nottsborough 3rd (L) – 5-3
Garvin, Esposito, Ebanks, Kibler-Melby, Bland

Polytechnic 4th v Old Finchleians 4th (LCup) – 2-4
Hutchins, Navarro

Polytechnic 5th v Merton 4th (L) – 2-1
Woodman, Williams-Mitchell

Old Salvatorians 6th v Polytechnic 6th (AFA) – 1-5
Tavares 2, Craig, Rushden, Joliffe

West Wickham 6th v Polytechnic 7th (L) – 0-1

Polytechnic 8th v Old Actonians 8th (L) – 1-4

Old Westminster Citz 5th v Polytechnic 9th (L) – 3-0

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Results 19th Oct

Sat 19th Oct results & scorers:

Polytechnic v Old Brentwoods (AFA) – 3-2
Lofty 2, Lancaster

Winchmore Hill Res v Polytechnic Res (L) – 1-5
Bush 2, Barbour, Da Cruz, Peacey

Polytechnic 3rd v Winchmore Hill 3rd (AFA) – 3-2
Kibler-Melby 2, Avramov

Old Owens 4th v Polytechnic 4th (L) – 1-2
Green, Reynolds

Polytechnic 5th v BB Eagles 4th (L) – 2-2
Wood, Jeffries

Civil Service 5th vs Polytechnic 6th (L) 2-1

Old Actonians Association 7th v Polytechnic 7th (L) – 2-2
Bakali, Grice

Polytechnic 9th v Polytechnic 8th (L) – 2-5
9s – Claase, Ako
8s – Foster 3, Holmes-Reed, Watkins