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Sat 19th April result:

Double header for the 6’s on Easter Weekend:

Polytechnic 6th 2-0 Alleyn Old Boys 4th
Massey, Rayner

Alleyn Old Boys 4th 3-1 Polytechnic 6th

Fixtures News Results

Mid week madness!

Tue 15th/Wed 16th Apr results & scorers:

Polytechnic v Civil Service (L) – 4-1
Smith, Lancaster 2, Cree

Civil Service Res v Polytechnic Res (L) – 3-1

Polytechnic 6th v Civil Service 5th (L) – 3-1
Mann, Bolton, Bajusz

Civil Service 6th v Polytechnic 7th (L) – 1-4
Foster, Plowright, Louki, Ramirez

Old Actonians Association 8th v Polytechnic 9th (L) – 1-1

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Sat 12th Apr results & scorers

Polytechnic v Alleyn Old Boys (L) – 1-2

Polytechnic Res v Old Owens Res (L) – 1-6

Polytechnic 3rd v Old Westminster Citizens 3rd (L) – 3-4
Kibler-Melby 2, Barthmann

Polytechnic 4th – no game

Polytechnic 5th – no game

Polytechnic 6th v Carshalton 5th (L) – oppo no show

Polytechnic 7th v South Bank Cuaco 6th (L) – 0-2

South Bank Cuaco 6th v Polytechnic 7th (L) – 2-3
Grice, Plowright, og

Polytechnic 8th – no game

Polytechnic 9th v Old Westminster Citizens 5th (L) – 2-6

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Sat 12th April 2014: Fixtures

1s: Home vs Alleyn Old Boys – League – 15:00

2s: Home vs Old Owens Res – League – 15:00

3’s: Home vs Old Westminster Citizens 3rd – League – 15:00

4s: No game

5s: No game

6s: Home vs Carshalton 5th – League – 15:00

7s: Home vs South Bank Cuaco 6th – Double Header – League – 14:30

8s: No game

9s: Home vs Old Westminster Citizens 5th – League – 13:00

Sat Vets: Away vs Army Crusaders – 15:00

Sun Vets: Home vs Double H – 15:00

Strollers: Home vs Wandsworth Boro – 13:00

London Welsh: No game

Good Luck Everyone!


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Tue 8th Apr results & scorers:

Polytechnic 4th v Civil Service 4th – 2-1
Sponiar 2

Polytechnic 6th v Polytechnic 5th – 2-2
6s – G Byrne, Mann
5s – Kibler-Melby 2

Ibis 4th v Polytechnic 7th – 4-3
Foster, Plowright, ?

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Fixtures Tuesday 8th April 2014

4s: Home vs Civil Service 4th – League – 17:45

5s: Away vs Polytechnic 6th – League – 17:45

6s: Home vs Polytechnic 5th – League – 17:45

7’s: Away vs Ibis 4th – League – 17:45
Chiswick Boathouse, Dukes Meadow, Dan Mason Drive, Chiswick, W4 2SH

Good Luck everyone.

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Sat 5th Apr results & scorers

Polytechnic – no game

Polytechnic Res v Old Parkonians Res (L) – 0-1

Polytechnic 3rd v Old Owens 3rd (L) – 3-0

East Barnet Old Grammarians 4th v Polytechnic 4th (L) – 3-0

Polytechnic 4th v East Barnet Old Grammarians 4th (L) – 1-3

Polytechnic 5th – no game

Merton 4th v Polytechnic 6th (L) – 1-2
Bolton, Rayner

Polytechnic 6th v Merton 4th (L) – 2-1
Rushden, Craig

Polytechnic 7th v Old Actonians 7th (L) – 1-2

Polytechnic 8th v Civil Service 7th (L) – 2-0

Polytechnic 9th v Bank of England 4th (L) – 0-7

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Sat 5th April – Fixtures


2s: Home vs Old Parkonians Res @ 15:00

3s: Home vs Old Owens 3rd @ 15:00

4s: Away vs East Barnet Old Grammarians 4th *Double Header* @ 14:30
Alan Drive, Barnet, EN5 2PU


6s: Away vs Merton 4th *Double Header* @ 14:30
Joseph Hood Recreation Ground, Martin Way, Morden, SW20 9BU

7s: Home vs Old Actonians Association 7th @ 13:00

8s: Home vs Civil Service 7th @ 13:00

9s: Home vs Bank of England 4th @ 15:00

Sat Vets: Home vs Civil Service @ 15:00

Sun Vets: NO GAME

Strollers: Home vs FENWAY @ 15:00

London Welsh: Home vs Wandgas @ 15:00

Good luck everyone

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Sat 29th March round up

Polytechnic v Alexandra Park (L) – 2-1
Jelovac, Lofty

Old Owens Res v Polytechnic Res (L) – 2-4
Raynes 2, O’Brien, Barrett

Nottsborough 3rd v Polytechnic 3rd (L) – 1-0

Polytechnic 4th v Nottsborough 4th (L) – 1-1

Polytechnic 5th – no game

Carshalton 4th v Polytechnic 6th (L) – 2-0

HSBC 7th v Polytechnic 7th (L) – 1-1
El Bakali

Polytechnic 8th v Bank of England 4th (L) – 3-4
Holmes-Reed, Louki, T Holmes

Polytechnic 9th v Old Wilsonians 7th (L) – 2-3
Mohan, Baker

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Sat 22nd March – Fixtures

1st XI: Home vs Old Owens – League – 15:00

2nd XI: Home vs Alleyn Old Boys Res – League – 15:00

3rd XI: Away vs East Barnet Old Grammarians 3rd – League – 15:00
Alan Drive, Barnet, EN5 2PU

4th XI: Away vs Old Parkonians 4th – League – 15:00
Oakfield Playing Fields, Forest Road, Barkingside, IG6 3HD

5th XI: Home vs Carshalton 4th – League – 15:00

6th XI: Home vs BB Eagles 4th – League – 15:00

7th XI: Home vs South Bank Cuaco 6th – League – POSTPONED

8th XI: Away vs Old Actonians Association 8th – League – 15:00
Gunnersbury Park, Popes Lane, Ealing

9th XI: Away vs BB Eagles 5th – League – 15:00

Sat Vets: Away vs Civil Service – 15:00

Sun Vets: No game

Strollers: TBC

London Welsh: Home vs Wandsworth Borough IV – 15:00