ARCHIVE : Chairman’s Corner 2011

Sean Harney, 11 August 2012 21:50

Welcome to a new season, I would like to use this opportunity in my fifth and final year as Chairman to set out my objectives for the coming season. However before I do that it is worth reflecting on what we achieved last season both off and on the field. It is these accomplishments that will provide the platform for future success as we take the club through the next phase of its development.

Off field achievements 2010 – 2011:

Ø Retained our Charter Standard status

Ø Restructured our financial position turning a deficit into cash positive

Ø Agreed new access and security measures with the University

Ø Launched a new Saturday Vets team

I would like to thank Terry Buckland, Barry Madigan, Peter Bamforth, Keith Johnston and Alan McDermott for their invaluable contributions.

On field achievements 2010 – 2011:

Ø Second Team league winners

Ø Third team promoted to top division

Ø Fifth team cup winners

Ø Seventh team cup winners

Objectives for the 2011 – 2012 In terms of my vision for the club I would like to share my four principle objectives with you, which are:

1. Secure a long-term tenancy and promote a spirit of partnership with the key stakeholders at the University of Westminster. This will be headed by Terry Buckland in his new capacity of Development Officer.

2. Consolidate and improve our football teams through:

Ø The introduction of a football development strategy

Ø Qualified coaches.

Ø New training equipment and balls

Ø Engage the services of a qualified physiotherapist.

3. Foster a spirit of inclusion across the entire membership and strengthen our ties with the local community.

4. Find a successor to take on the role of Chairman.

So good luck to you all this season, lets enjoy our football, emulate and build on last season’s successes.

Sean Harney


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