Result Reporting Page

Instructions for Reporting Results – Season 2013-14.

Club Records : All Match Teams are to be logged on this Google Form.  Data is required by the club, it is not supplied to any outside organisation.

(If you are looking for the actual match results click here).

From Mark Cullen, Results Secretary


These are required for SAL league and most cup games.

ALL Results (except Vets league)

 1.            1s results texted by 6pm Saturday in response to the auto-text system

 2.            All other managers, respond to the auto-text system by 8pm Saturday

 3.            ALL managers, you need to text me on 07866553674;

Provide the following data.

 ·         Half time/full time scores and Poly scorers for Les Parsons

·         Ref score out of 100 (guidance attached)

·         The following with marks out of 10:

o   Sportsmanship – HOME and AWAY

o   Hospitality – AWAY only

o   Facilities – AWAY only

o   Organisation – AWAY only

AFA Cup Results only (including Vets!)

 Fill in attached ‘alt-cup-result-card’ form and send to Mike Grimshaw at results / at / by Monday morning.

Copy me in at mcullen / at /

If you’ll have any problems doing this let me know.  Remember to take care when selecting your sides for AFA Cup games as ‘cup-tie’ will apply that may make a player ineligible for other games after they have featured for the club in any one game.

Veterans Games (League & Friendly)

No specific requirements at the moment but email Mark Cullen with your results and scorers if you want them to be added to the Les Parsons Award tally and posted on the facebook page.


Ref_marking Notes

Southern Amateur League Teamsheet (for refs)

AFA Rolling Subs Cup Teamsheet 2013 (for refs)

AFA Online Result Card 2013.