Membership 2016-17

The club announces the membership rates for season 2016-17.

Full membership is £135 for the full season.

Although our financial position remains highly challenged, we are pleased to offer for the first time, a reduced rate of £80 for younger members regardless of status, and a very low membership rate of £30 for the unwaged and full time students, subject to evidence of status.

We are also introducing the Polytechnic 1875 Club – an additional means for supporting the club by £30 / year,  aimed at former players, friends of the club and players who want to offer additional support over and above the regular membership rate.

How to Pay…..

Preferred Method : Direct Debit via

Previous season’s direct debits do not automatically renew, so please renew using one of the below links to payment plans.  There is no need for you to manually cancel them at the end of the season.

Full Membership.

Five Monthly Payments Direct Debit  – or – Single instalment direct debit :

We introduced this method in 2014/15, which allowed payment by instalments for the first time and was very simple to run.  60% of members chose to pay this way last season and we encourage everybody who can to use this for 2016-17 as it reduces admin work for captains and club officials.

Direct Debit membership plans will not automatically renew for future seasons (except the 1875 club).

Cash – we will obviously continue to accept cash for those who prefer to pay this way.  Please pay your captain or the Treasurer, Kevin O’Brien (Strollers).

Reduced Rate £80 for members Under 25 as of 2nd October 2016 and goalkeepers.

Five Monthly Payments Direct Debit – or – Single instalment direct debit :

Full time Students and Unwaged.

Rate : £30. – This is only available to those able to offer evidence of their status!  This is not available in instalments.

1875 Club.

Rate : £30 / year.

Special Members’ Monthly Draw

Note that the 1875 direct debits will automatically be taken in future years unless manually cancelled by the member or the club.

Details and terms of the Monthly Draw are available from the Club Chairman, Barry Madigan.