Please note that any enquiries about use of our ground should be directed to  The University of Westminster as we do not own the ground.

Office Bearers

Chairman Barry Madigan
07768 500 201
Secretary Colin Mongul 07802 876 328
07793 496 705
Treasurer Alan McDermott
Fixtures Secretary Peter Frattura TBC
Gift Aid Officer Peter Bamforth  
Referees’ Secretary Kevin O’Brien
Results Secretary Mark Cullen  
Development & University
Liaison Officer
Terry Buckland  
Equipment Officer Pete Bamforth
Team Captains
1st Team Geoff Brown
2nd Team Graham Burke & James Raynes  
3rd Team Laurence Spear  
4th Team Max Rushden
5th Team Guy Hammett  
6th Team Phil Weston  
7th Team Mo Chicharro
8th Team Pete Frattura
9th Team Petr Holecek
Saturday Vets Terry Buckland  
‘Sunday’ Vets(*) John Hampton & Chris Walton  
Strollers Barry Madigan
07768 500 201

* – note that the Sunday Vets are now playing on Saturdays – we just haven’t changed their name!


Barry Madigan – Chairman & Strollers Captain

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.41.45

Born: 1952
Poly History: Debut for Poly 8th team in 1977 and scored – might have been my last goal! Played for Sevenths, Sixths, Fifths and had appearances in Fourths and Thirds but only once even though we won 5-0! Sixth team captain 1983 – 1987, League winners 1984; Eighth team captain 1990 – 1995 & 2002 – 2004; Seventh team captain 1999 – 2002, AFA Cup winners 2000; Ninth team captain 2004-2006
Football team: Tottenham Hotspur.
Football player I admire: Jimmy Greaves
How team mates would describe me: As kindly as possible if they want to be selected. Oh, and longest in the shower!
Who I would invite to a dinner party?: Delia Smith, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsey – Someone would have to cook it!
Likes: Golf, Soul music, BMWs, Weston-Super-Mare, White Christmas
Dislikes: Mercedes drivers and cyclists present company excepted, and disciplinary paperwork.

Colin Mongul – Club Secretary

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.40.50

Colin is the man behind the magic at the Poly. Working tirelessly to ensure that the Club is making strides both on and off the pitch.

Colin does a lot of work that goes unnoticed, much like the rest of the committee, but Colin’s work was rewarded last season when he and Club Chairman Barry Madigan were invited to the ceremony inside Buckingham Palace where Prince William and the FA thanked a number of volunteers.

Alan McDermott – Treasurer  & Registration Officer.

AlanMcAlan joined the club in 2005 and has turned out for various Poly sides and in pretty much every position on the field over the past nine years.  He spent several seasons as a team captain before taking over as Treasurer in 2011.

These days he is mostly found keeping goal with the Vets or trying to keep up with youthful opponents wearing silly coloured boots in the humbler sections of the Southern Amateur League.

Mark Cullen – Results Secretary


Born: 1976
Poly History: Debut Oct 1998 for Poly 3rd, 3 seasons as 4th team skipper
Position: ‘Holding’ central midfielder (Paul Lambert role)
Football team: Motherwell, Scotland, Poly 4th XI
Football player I admire: Diego ‘Hand of God’ Armando Maradona
How team mates would describe me: Scottish, hairy
Who I would invite to a dinner party? Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba. They’d be stuffed
Other interests: Driving BMWs

Favorite quotes:

“Goals change games” Andy Gray

“What drama!” Andy Gray

Terry Buckland – Development & Liaison Officer & Saturday Vets Captain

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.44.31

Alan Partridge interviews Terry Buckland reluctant Polytechnic (ex) Treasurer with no financial training whatsoever

So Jimmy I have been talking to your team mates in the Poly 3’s


Jimmy! Jimmy Bullard – long haired, ridiculously tight shorts, aging jack the lad throwback to the 1970’s – Ford Capri, Shoot Annuals and Perms – coming back to you now?

I can sort of see where they are coming from Alan although Tony Hickson (fellow Poly 3’s) is giving me a run for my money on the tight shorts stakes these days. Did they have anything positive to say about me?

Let me think – oh yes – at the age of 47 they all think this will be your last season upsetting the opposition, being ultra nice to refs and occasionally igniting Sean Harney’s short fuse with your annoying wind ups.

They’ve got that wrong then.

Come on! Even Sir Stanley Matthews eventually called it a day and your footballing abilities are probably more akin to his granddaughter Meg Matthews!

I meant my age Alan– I am now 48.

Your team mates won’t like me saying this Terry and I am a little concerned myself as there is something going on in my right pocket (my favourite one) – but you look years younger.

Thank you Alan I have always been a big fan of yours, especially your character “Loads of Money” – what a top bloke!

You’re confusing me with Harry Enfield?


They said you had a problem with players’ names, going slightly deaf and had inherited Sir Bobby Robson’s memory!

Don’t you want to know about my likes and dislikes, my long amateur career in the SAL (Norseman, Polytechnic, Bank of England and Poly again) and various Sunday morning leagues, my midweek matches and overseas tours with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. My family, my business, the Under 10’s I coach, my string of ex-model girlfriends?

Not really.

End of interview

Pete Bamforth – Membership Secretary & Equipment Officer


Born: Yes. In 1967.
Poly History: Debut in 1990, played for a range of teams in the (ahem) lower end of the club. High point was a few seasons in the 6s, back when I used to score goals – reached two cup finals with them, winning one and coming second in the other. Went on to play for the 7s and captained the side for 2 and a half seasons. Why the half? Well I’m claiming that one as we won the league that year with me sort of half captaining the team. Sort of. When I took over completely we got relegated twice, so I thought it better to hand over to Alan McDermott (see below). He continued the tradition. I’m now playing for the vets or anyone who’ll have me in their team.
Football team: Manchester United
Football player I admire: Paul Scholes – a consummate professional, and quite short.
How team mates would describe me: Quite short.
Who I would invite to a dinner party?:  Am I paying for this hypothetical dinner party? Cos it makes a big difference…..
Likes: Football (is that too obvious?), mountains with snow on, greek food, motorbikes, time spent with friends and those little plastic things that stop the lid of the box sticking to your takeaway pizza.
Dislikes: Being coerced into writing a “short biography” for a football club website. Traffic.

Kevin O’Brien – Referees Secretary

Kevin O'Brien - Strollers POTY


Strollers POTY Kevin has taken on the role of Referee’s Sec for the coming year.


Geoff Brown – 1st Team Captain & Chairman of Selectors (1’s – 4’s)

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.26.49


Favorite team – Liverpool Former clubs – Island Bay United, Miramar Rangers, Olympic AFC (All New Zealand), FC Jokerit (Finland) Position – Striker Poly Honours – Senior Division Two Winner 2006/7, 2012/13; Middlesex and Essex Senior Cup Winner 2006/7, AFA Senior Cup runner up 2008/9

Poly history – Joined the Poly in 2006/7 under the guidance of club stalwart James Black and was involved in a double winning season. Since then I have been involved in the 1s with this being my 9th season at the Poly, however, my playing days were curtailed early with hip surgery in 2010 and appearances are now few and far between. In 2012/13 I took over management of the first team squad and quickly sought to overhaul the current regime following a disastrous season before when we were relegated with a total of only 7 points. A much closer relationship with the 2s really helped the squad atmosphere and we were successful in ensuring promotion to Senior Division One at the first attempt with a final day draw against Ally pally also meaning we clinched the league. We had another successful season last year and were in with a chance to win the league up until the penultimate weekend of the league. This season we are aiming to improve on this and win the league.


Graham Burke & James Raynes – 2nd Team Captains


Graham and James have stepped up to the challenge of getting the 2’s back where they belong after a disappointing end to the 2013/14 campaign.

With Family commitments occupying Poly Legend Richard Storrs, Graham and James come into Captaincy with new ideas, fresh blood and exciting stories of Poly Tours.

Laurence Spear – 3rd Team Captain


Poly stalwart Laurence has been involved with the club for many years. This season sees him take up the reigns of the 3’s following Keith Johnston’s departure this summer.

Laurence and the 3’s are aiming for a top 4 place this season.

Max Rushden – 4th Team Captain

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.13.54


Max’s first season as Captain saw silverware, so he and his merry band of men look to progress further this season.

Stepping up from the 6’s to the 4’s this season presents new challenges, but Max believes the lads are more than up for the challenge.

Guy Hammett – 5th Team Captain


Guy takes up the reigns of a new look 5’s team this season.


Phil Weston – 6th Team Captain & Chairman of Selectors (5’s – 9’s)

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.44.17


Favorite team – Norwich City
Former clubs – Meon Valley, Morden Baptistas.
Honours – Solent League 2 champions 2004/5 (Meon Valley)

Poly history – Took over captaincy of the Poly 7s after my first pre season training session in 2011, clearly the Poly management could see the raw potential in me after 1 meeting, or they were incredibly desperate. Having run a successful 7th team (well socially at least!) for the last 3 seasons, I have been stepped up to 6th team captain for the 2014/15 season along with the roll of squad selection for the 5th to 9th teams.

Playing style – Defensive midfielder willing to throw literally every thing in to a tackle at the earliest opportunity, aiming to win the ball back and give it to some one with some talent. I have nearly perfected a Cruyff turn and last season actually did a step over (i think?). I can turn nearly as fast as the seasons and have pace to out run some of the Poly strollers. I also get nutmeged at least twice a game.

Career Stats –
Games – Approx 250
Goals – 6
Fouls – Approx 1000
Yellow cards – 30
Red cards – 0

‘Don’t get mad, get even’

Mo Chicharro- 7th Team Captain



Mo takes on the role of 7s Capt this season, looking to continue from Phil’s successes.

Promotion is the aim.


Peter Frattura – 8th Team Captain & Fixtures Secretary

Peter Frattura - Clubman of the Year


Clubman of the year 2013/14 Peter Frattura picks up a double role this season as 8’s Capt to compliment his role of Fixtures Sec.

Pete works tirelessly through the week to ensure that everyone is playing at the weekend. He’s taken to this like a duck to water, so well that he is now running a team as well.


Petr Holecek- 9th Team Captain



Born: 1973
Poly History: Joined Poly 9s 2008. 2008-09 Poly 9s, 2009-10 Poly 9s, 2010-11 Poly 8s, 2011-12 Poly 8s (SAL Division 5 Winners), 2012-13 Poly 8s (Manager), 2013-14 Poly 9s (Manager), 2014-15 Poly 9s (Manager)
Position: Centre Back, Defender
Football team: Slavia Praha (Czech Republic)

John Hampton & Chris Walton- Sunday Vets Captains

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.20.02


John and Chris are taking the Sunday Vets to new heights this season with their joint Captaincy partnership.

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