1875 Vets

Poly Sunday Vets Sandhurst 2015

Poly Sunday Vets
Sandhurst 2015

Skipper: Daniel Meere

Asst: Darrell King

Player of the Year (2014/15): Daniel Meere

After 2 seasons of steady progress under John Hampton, moving from strugglers to top half finishers in the top division of the West London Vets League, it’s time for a change of leadership and identity.

The baton passes on to the new leadership team of Daniel Meere and Darrell King, and the new regime brings with it a change of identity, retiring the old “Sunday” tag which was no longer appropriate.  Instead we introduce the “Polytechnic 1875 Vets” – a new identity drawing on Poly heritage!

Well they are management consultants!

With a few new faces coming in to bolster the side and a more combative approach to pre-season and early season fixtures promised, confidence is high that the new regime can push on from their solid 4th place to compete with the 3 big boys of the league.

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